Why Automate?

  • Execute your ideas while others are still thinking – High speed execution
  • Allows you to execute multiple strategies at once
  • Improved decision making – No emotional mistakes
  • High speed execution
  • Hands-free execution

Put The Odds In Your Favor

The BAT Systems BAT Tester tool allows you to:

  • Backtest the entire market in seconds…see how your strategy would have performed instead of just guessing
  • Test your strategy’s win rate…statistically analyze the results with advanced optimization
  • See exact entries/exits of your backtest
  • Easily change an input and immediately see the effect on the results

Online Community and Library of Algos

  • Easily build you own strategies or use of the many strategies in our library
  • All strategies are easily customizable so you can change or add to them
  • See what other strategies users are sharing through the online community
  • Get feedback on your strategies

How Do I Get The BAT System?

  • CBSX Proprietary Broker Dealer
  • FINRA Retail Broker Dealer
  • International Proprietary Trading Firm
  • Fully Backed BAT Trained Proprietary Traders

Please call/email to see which is best for your trading.